"We can't underestimate the impact that comes from
investing the time in developing our emotional intelligence.
The ripple effect is powerful...
it positively impacts our health, bank accounts, and relationships." 

excerpt from "Living In Alignment" chapter in 11 Tips for Doing WIT

WIT Tips for Work

Work is meant to be a place where we can make an impact, make money, and create valuable relationships. 

I'm sure some of you reading that will actually go back and read that again...and possibly think, "That's not what work feels like to me!"
But it can be.

If you are leading a team, and know there's room for improvement - not only for yourself but with your teammates...start #doingWIT. 
If you're working for someone and work feels more like a grind than a place of growth and inspiration...start #doingWIT.

See, it doesn't matter if you're the boss, or you're working for the boss. Right where you are. Right now. You can start #doingWIT.

The 11 Tips for doing WIT are a valuable addition to already existing strong corporate cultures, and can also serve as the foundation on which to build winning cultures and teams.
It's important to realize that it's not too late, and it's not too hard, to start making work a place you want to be! 


WIT Trainings + Workshops

WIT provides Professional Development workshops for schools and school districts interested in empowering their students and staff with the tools needed to take greater ownership in their learning and educating. Using the 11 Tips for doing WIT, students and teachers learn how to tap into their entrepreneurial mindset, and develop their emotional intelligence. 

In addition, WIT provides WIT Tip Training to corporations and teams interested in increasing their individual and group productivity and performance.

Email us and let us know how we can help you #doWIT at work!