"Sometimes parents experience a burn-out of sorts...exhaustion around saying the same thing over and over again. Parents who have emboldened their children with the 11 Tips witness a turnaround as their child

increases their self-regulation."
excerpt from "Can't Want It More Than You" chapter in 11 Tips for Doing WIT

WIT Tips for Home 

Home is where the heart is.

It's also where we can feel some of the greatest frustrations - whether in connection with our partners and/or children. Sometimes we can feel like we are having the same conversation (or argument) over and over again. 

It doesn't have to be that way.

There are ways to empower children and increase their self-regulation. This results in children who take greater ownership and pride in their choices and behavior. We can also increase our own empathy, which results in greater understanding for those around us.

All of this is possible when we choose to make the 11 Tips for Doing WIT part of our own mindset and homes. 

Living WIT at home 

Parent workshops came as a result of parents seeing the impact of the
11 Tips for Doing WIT on their child(ren) and said, "Do you offer anything for parents?" 

Yes, we do. We enjoy working with official parent groups (i.e. PTAs), and the parent's groups were created by adults saying, "We need some tools...let's get some friends together and learn about WIT." 


It's pretty magical to see and feel, the impact of a household living in alignment and #doingWIT. 


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