"In order for us to truly and fully show up for others, we must learn how to fully show up for ourselves." 
from "Showing Up" chapter of 11 Tips for Doing WIT

WIT Tips for Self

When we live the 11 Tips for Doing WIT, we develop and deepen our Emotional Intelligence (EI). 


It's true!

That is why WIT provides workshops for individuals to attend in order to learn how to make the 11 Tips part of their every day life. WIT also works with companies that understand when we invest in our team members and help them develop their EI ...everyone wins! 

When you are truly and fully showing up for yourself, you walk in the world with greater self-awareness, empathy, and confidence.

And, guess what?

When you do that, you end up showing up even more fully and authentically for others! 

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