The Space In-Between

I’m a big fan of the “space in between”.

The space in between big moments or events.

For example…. The space in between a starting line …and a finish line.

The space in between coming up with an idea…and launching that idea into a business.

And…. The space between the end of a year…and the beginning of a year.

It’s within the space that I find the most growth.

Starting the race is easy, but getting to the finish line...well, that takes mental discipline. Reminding myself the only way I’m going to cross that finish line is by taking one step at a time and pushing through any physical limitations (sounds a lot like getting through life, huh?). And crossing that finish line feeling amazing because of all I conquered in between the start and finish.

As an entrepreneur I think I’m slightly addicted to the space in between coming up with an idea, and actually turning that idea into something tangible. It’s where the magic happens. It’s where relationships are built through late nights and brainstorming sessions. It’s where failing fast is encouraged and embraced. It’s where you entertain the possibility that maybe this idea will be “the one”.

And then there’s the space we are in right now.

The space between the end of a year…and the beginning of a year.

How will you use this space?

Are you taking time to reflect on what worked (and didn’t work) in 2016….and making adjustments for 2017?

Are you setting goals that stretch you a bit? Goals that make you a little uncomfortable because they challenge you to live into some of your bigger dreams?

Are you letting go of things (and maybe even people) that no longer serve you? Or habits that keep you in mediocrity, instead of excellence? (how long are you going to keep telling yourself to go to bed earlier!)

And what label can you leave in 2016? Can you shed the “I’m just not good at Math”, “I can’t speak in public”, “I’m not pretty enough”, “I’m not a good writer”, “I’m too young to start a business”….or any other declaration about yourself that continues to limit you and bring you down?

The majority of people will wait till January 1 to start thinking about and planning their goals for 2017.

Don’t be like the majority. Be extraordinary.

Start reflecting and planning now.

Start today.

Use this space in between to honor the growth of the past, while moving powerfully into 2017.


Take action on those goals.

Give yourself the extra sleep you need.

Transition out of that friendship or relationship that makes you feel crappy and less than.

Make the time to get outside…to surf, run, walk, play, hike.

Just start.

Because waiting to begin doesn’t honor the awesomeness and potential in you.

Step into your greatness today.

Just do WIT.

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