5 Songs That Get Me Unstuck

post hip-hop class with Darkie from Culture Shock

Ever just feel stuck?

Like the ideas have all dried up...motivation has come to a halt...and everything just feels yuck?

Show of hands, please.

Good. I'm not alone.

Well, when I need to bust through the barriers of inspiration....I call on some of the greats, and the beats they bring with them

1. PYT - Michael Jackson......because it's impossible to hear this song and not start moving. Cue solo dance party.

2. Shake It Out - Florence & The Machine...."it's always darkest before the dawn" ...Florence just gets me and reminds me to shake it out and kick that devil off my back!

3. September - Earth, Wind & Fire....there are so many beats and levels and

What about you?

4. Fleetwood Mac...kinda cheating here, but it doesn't really matter what jam I choose of this band, they have magical joy inducing powers.

5. Can't Nobody Hold Me Down - Puff Daddy + Mase....if you don't know, now you know.

What about you?

What songs get you going...comment below and maybe I'll add them to my "Beat The Blues" playlist.

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