What people are saying about using the 11 Tips for Doing WIT


"Understanding "It's A Choice" has been amazing. I am learning how to make every choice from a place of awareness. Shifting the blame from the world and others can be difficult, but taking responsibility and owning choices is making progress and part of maturing."
- Shivali Joshi (currently attending Claremont McKenna college - participated in the WIT high school program



"The tip I use or think of the most is "Can't Want It More than You". I did WIT in high school. It was the ultimate college and real life prep. WIT teaches one to accountable to oneself!"
- Alex Barone (currently attending Notre Dame - participated in the WIT high school program)



"WIT was a wonderful experience for my daughters - it taught them life skills, and Tips, that a school will not incorporate in an academic schedule.These skills go far in the years to come when you are making connections for jobs or in a professional life. WIT serves a greater need in today’s more competitive times and encourages “giving back” which should be a part of every teenager's education."
- Catherine Clark (WIT Parent) 


"Incorporating the 11 Tips into my classroom has resulted in my students taking more responsibility for their learning. It's also helped so much with classroom management!"

"The teachers went on and on about this WIT Professional Development Workshop. They said it was the best PD they have ever gotten! Sarah Hernholm is amazing!" 
- Paige Carlson (Rockwood School District)


"Thank you so much for an awesome presentation this morning! People have commented that they really enjoyed it and seemed moved with the experience. And people couldn't stop

taking notes!"
- Lori Hudson (Community Outreach Specialist -WCCU)